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Malicious Wi-Fi hotspot guide
This comes from a well-written, detailed HF post by 'Mr. Robot'.
I'll link a screenshot of the entire first page of the thread, as well as the link for those wanting to read further into the comments.

[Image: 5db2db7090.png]

There's many ways to expand upon this to create different outcomes of what you'll hack/loot/hijack etc.

Enjoy - ^^
[Image: 6fcecd65a6.png]

Do you mind copying that post directly here (as opposed to a screen shot and a URL to that site (which requires an account to be registered just to view the post))?

You can edit the original, select all text, then edit this post and simply paste the results.
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Here is git link you can get it form here
The tool is more over a rip off fluxion and wifiphisher.

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