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[TUTORIAL - Linux] Managing github with the terminal
This tutorial is to address how to use git and hub from the terminal to manage your Github projects.

It is assumed that you are both familiar with and comfortable enough with CLI tools to follow along.
Due to the nature of their being literally hundreds of different distributions of Linux: I cannot cover all.

For these examples: I will use Arch Linux with the pacman utilities.

The online documentation explains very well how to accomplish these tasks (git):

The catch? Using git requires that a github repo already exists!
To solve this: We can use the hub utility to actually create a repo for us from the terminal.

git official github:
hub official github:

  1. Installing git
  2. Installing hub
  3. Creating a new repo (repository)
  4. Creating a new project (directories / files)
1. Installing git
  1. pacman -S git
  2. Press enter
2. Installing hub
  1. pacman -S hub
  2. Press enter
3. Creating a new repo
  1. hub create PROJECT_NAME
4. Creating a new project
  1. cd /path/to/base/directory (EG: /home/LINUX_USER_NAME/Programming)
  2. git init
  3. git add .
  4. git commit -m "MESSAGE_HERE"
  5. git remote add origin REPO_URL_HERE (EG:
  6. git remote -v
  7. git push origin master
Now you're ready to manage your projects online with Github!

There's plenty more to learn about both git and hub.
Most Linux distros have a man command.

man git
man hub
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Awesome thread..  Big Grin
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Nice thread .. It's something I wanted to see
(11-21-2019, 02:58 PM)Xyt0 Wrote: Nice thread .. It's something I wanted to see
With all due respect: The "like" system is designed to reduce over-all spam to the forum board.

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