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[TUTORIAL - Linux] WINE for games!

WINE is no substitute for a virtual machine (EG: Virtualbox).
WINE is one of those hit-and-miss type projects; it may or may not support your desired video game.

WINE stands for: Wine Is No Emulator. Rightly so! Expect 20-25 FPS in a typical game.

Installing WINE varies from distro-to-distro; I will use Arch Linux's pacman for example sake.
pacman -Syu wine

WINE is a 32-bit project and by default "multilib" (32-bit) is disabled (file path: /etc/pacman.conf) under new Arch Linux installations.

This is how simple it is to install software with WINE (assuming you have no bugs):

  1. Open a terminal emulator
  2. cd ~
  3. mkdir .wine_SCBW
  4. WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_SCBW winecfg
  5. Configure your "bottle" (program) however you want it (windowed mode / Windows distro / etc)
  6. Close winecfg
  7. mount -o loop,ro -t iso9660 /home/LinuxLoginUsernameHere/ISOs/StarCraft/StarCraft.iso /mnt/iso
  8. WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_SCBW wine "/mnt/iso/setup.exe"


Ready to install StarCraft: Brood War?

  1. umount -R /mnt/iso
  2. mount -o loop,ro -t iso9660 /home/LinuxLoginUsernameHere/ISOs/StarCraft/BroodWar.iso /mnt/iso
  3. WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine_SCBW wine "/mnt/iso/setup.exe"


You could even make a bash script to handle executing the individual programs (or adding entries for the "start-menu").
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I'd use playonlinux that's better alternative then wine. Playonlinux has more application compatibility
Wine is better actually. Playonlinux is hard to install it's has alot dependencies. Last time i used it had broke and xserver
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PlayOnLinux and others are only front ends and run WINE back-end.

PlayOnLinux simplifies managing multiple versions of WINE (not to imply that it is difficult to use WINEPREFIX's with WINE).
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